Features List

We have looked back the features we had wanted to do and the ones you had been requesting. In the version 3 of WhoReadMe, we are tweaking existing features and implementing more awesome functionalities. If you have more ideas, just drop us a message.

Read Notification
Informs you immediately once your email is opened.

Browser and Operating System
Captures browser and operating system using by recipient.

Geolocation Technology
Estimates the actual location of recipient on the map and calculates the distance from you.

Weather Status
Display the weather status of recipient location. Powered by OpenWeatherMap.

Read Duration
Counts the duration recipient reads your email.

Delivery Status
Make sure your email is delivered to recipient. Informs you if delivery failed with reason.

Proxy Detection
Tell you whether your recipient is using a proxy server to hide the actual IP address.

Organization Name
Find the organization name and Internet Service Provider (ISP) of recipient.

Forward Email
Determine whether your email is being forwarded to another person.

Expiry Email
Define an expiry date on email you send. The content of email will be destroyed after a custom duration.

Attachment and Link Tracking
Tracks attachments and links in your email. Informs you instantly when your attachment is downloaded and link is clicked.

Import Contact
You can import your existing contact from Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, or Outlook.

Custom Signature
Upload your own signature to the email you send.

Personal SMTP Server
Add your own SMTP server to send tracked email from your personal SMTP server.

Scheduled Task
You can drafts your email and schedules a task to send it out later. You will receive a confirmation email when the email is sent.

Flexible Settings
Tracking settings can fully configured on your own email client. You can enables attachment tracking, click tracking, expiry mode, and more using Subject Commands.